One-time Services

Are your books two years behind?  Not even setup?  Can’t seem to reconcile that credit card account?

We specialize in thorough one-time cleanup services and QuickBooks set-up.  We’ll get you caught up so you can file taxes, apply for loans, prepare for an audit, or just have CLEAN BOOKS for a change!

Here’s how to determine approximate pricing for cleanup:

1. Count the number of bank accounts to be reconciled.
2. Determine how many years need to be reconciled/cleaned up.
3. Select a cleanup package and any additional services needed. We’ll also review your account to help you choose the appropriate services.

(TIP: A “bank account” in QB includes checking, savings, credit card, money market, and line of credit. Be sure to mention if you have a PayPal account).


  • Bank reconciliations – reconcile bank transactions in QuickBooks against bank statements
  • Input missing transactions / Delete duplicate transactions
  • Process transactions in bank feed


  • Services included in Cash In-Cash Out Package
  • Correct miscategorized or uncategorized transactions (excluding checks)
  • Input and correct customers names on deposits (not sales receipts or invoices)
  • Input and correct vendor names on charges (excluding checks)
  • Provide a Profit & Loss Statement (P&L) and Balance Sheet


  • Services included in Cash In-Cash Out and Categorization Packages
  • Apply vendor payments to bills and cleanup existing A/P (accounts payable)
  • Apply customer payments properly and cleanup existing A/R (accounts receivable)
  • Cleanup Undeposited Funds
  • Enter up to 120 checks per year or update up to 120 existing checks with check number and vendor name


Price per Number of Years to be Cleaned Up

  Cash In-Cash Out Categorization Chaos-to-Clarity
1 Bank $300 per year $600 $900
2 Banks $450 $800 $1250
3 Banks $650 $980 $1400
>3 Banks $85 per add’l bank $120 per add’l bank $140 per add’l bank


 Additional Services:

$350 – *QuickBooks setup or conversion

$150 **Data entry from Excel or QB-compatible file

$450 **Data entry from paper or PDF

What Else Can We Help You With?

PayPal reconciliations

Other balance sheet reconciliations

Accrual accounting journal entries

Job/class/location assignment

Vendor cleanup

Unpaid bills cleanup

Chart of accounts cleanup

Product/service cleanup

(There is an additional cost for these and other services, special cleanup requests, complex issues, and high volume of work).

*Setup fee applies to both new/empty QBO accounts AND existing accounts requiring a significant amount of setup (customer lists, etc.).

**Manual data entry fee applies to both new/empty QBO accounts AND existing QBO accounts requiring a significant amount of transaction data entry into QBO.

Fees may be assessed while work is being completed and will be added to existing engagement agreement after client is notified.

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